As part of our usual body functionality we naturally detoxify every day, eliminating toxins and waist via our kidneys, liver, colon, lymph glands, lungs and skin. 

Toxins can be found in our every day environment - such as tobacco, alcohol, food additives and drugs. Lack of exercise can even promote toxic build up as our cells are insufficiently oxidized, which can lead to stagnation of our natural detoxification process occuring.  

With health, diet and lifestyles being scrutinized even more now then ever, it is clearly apparent from many areas of research that our bodies need assistance to function efficiently and effectively within the environment that we now live in and are largely responsible for.

Our ideal environment would be harmonious, stress and polution free. We would all benefit from a good natual balanced diet with food containing no additives or having been processed in any way. Cleary this is a world we do not live in. Often we do not realize this until it is too late our immune system brakes down and we  become ill, in one or more of many ways...

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